Annual Reports

Annual report 2007

Eric Sottas, Secretary General of the OMCT, writes: “While the year 2007 was marked by a significant increase in violence perpetrated around the world, OMCT’s commitment to the fight against torture proved crucial in terms of concrete help to victims and prevention, as well as through global promotion of fundamental rights. Throughout 2007, over 600 interventions (in the form of urgent appeals, letters to authorities, press releases, etc.) were thus circulated on behalf of thousands of men, women and children. Numerous victims also benefited from medical, social and/or legal assistance, while actions on behalf of human rights defenders intensified”.

  • The OMCT circulated 150 urgent appeals in 2007 regarding interventions in a total of 37 countries across Asia, Africa, Central Europe, Central America and Latin America. These appeals served to mobilise the international community as well as public opinion with regard to the human rights violations perpetrated in these countries, while also constituting an extremely useful basis of information for NGOs active in the field as well as the regional and international human rights mechanisms.
  • Moreover, the urgent campaigns in 2007 also facilitated daily life operations for many imprisoned victims, enabling on the one hand the release of certain people and on the other the transfer of prisoners exposed to a high risk of torture towards safer places of detention.

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