OMCT Strategic Plan 2021-2024

The OMCT's Strategic Plan 2021-2024 defines the organisation's primary framework for the coming four years. It sets out our overall vision for the future, together with our main programmatic goals and institutional targets.

Convinced that we can achieve more by speaking out as a global anti-torture movement, the OMCT is mobilising and supporting local actors and civil society organisations, who generate its driving force. This plan centrally seeks to upgrade the work of the OMCT to embody and amplify the voice of a global anti-torture movement, offering new support to local actors and building stronger bonds and ways of working together to uphold human dignity and fundamental rights.

The Plan is a call to action for the OMCT, its global SOS-Torture Network and fellow human rights defenders, but also to the broader public: together, we can push back to end torture!

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