Alert: 7 people are still imprisoned 1 year after crackdown on human rights in Belarus

Is torture the new routine to address the anglophone crisis?

Contribution of civil society organizations to the adoption of the List of issues Prior to Reporting (LOIPR) established before the submission of the 6th periodic report of the Republic of Cameroon by the Committee Against Torture.

Report submitted under article 19 of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Since its last review before the Committee Against Torture (CAT) in 2017 during the 65th session, Cameroon has faced numerous challenges in implementing the convention against torture. Since 2014, when the Boko haram insurgency erupted, the country has been without rest dealing with a violent security crisis in which mass human rights violations are committed by both government security forces and non-state armed groups. Majority of the Committee concluding observations and recommendations where orientated towards preventing and eliminating the use of torture in the government counter-insurgency operations. The government has not done a move in addressing the main recommendations of the Committee but has rather adopted a more violent approach trying to justify the use of torture in every circumstance, acting therefore exactly like non state armed groups that threaten, torture and kill civilians.

The current contribution of civil society organisations aims to provide to the Committee Against Torture a List of (important) Issues Prior to the upcoming reporting process.

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Contributing NGOs:

  • Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa
  • Friends of The Press Network, freedom of expression and human rights organization
  • Human is Rights
  • Mandela Center International
  • World Organisation Against Torture

    June 2020
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