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OMCT E-Bulletin- 74th session of the Committee against Torture

During its 74th session (July 12th – July 29th), the United Nations Committee
against Torture (CAT) reviewed the State reports submitted by Botswana,
Nicaragua, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In a hybrid session, the CAT reviewed the initial periodic report of Botswana focusing
on the following areas: 1) the incorporation of the Convention against Torture in the
domestic legal order; 2) the lack of the specific criminalization of torture in domestic law;
3) the practice of the death penalty; 4) and corporal punishment.

The CAT reviewed the second periodic report of Nicaragua in the absence of the
State delegation, as it refused to collaborate with the Committee and questioned the
legitimacy and integrity of the Committee. Nevertheless, the CAT members considered
the State report and raised their concerns about: 1) the lack of criminalization of torture
in the domestic legal system; 2) the infringement of fundamental legal safeguards; 3)
the administration of justice; 4) and bad detention conditions.

During the consideration of the initial periodic report of Palestine, the CAT raised the
issues of: 1) the legal status of the UN Convention against Torture in the territory of
Palestine; 2) fundamental legal safeguards from the outset of the deprivation of liberty;
3) the absolute prohibition of torture; 4) and poor material conditions of detention as well as overcrowding.

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Upcoming session

75th session of the CAT October 31 – November 25 2022

  • The Committee considers the State Party reports of Australia, Chad, El Salvador, Malawi, Somalia and Uganda
  • List of issues (LOI): Ethiopia and Kazakhstan
  • List of issues prior to reporting (LOIPR):Cyprus, Latvia, Maldives, Niger and Tunisia
  • The deadline for CSO submissions for the State report reviews at the 75th session is October 3, 2022
  • The deadline for CSO submissions for the LOI and LOIPR at the 75th session was June 13, 2022.