Alert Bangladesh: Prominent defenders receive two-year prison sentences

Türkiye: How the government restrains freedom of assembly and association

The crackdown on human rights defenders and civil society actors continues at an alarming pace in Turkey today. Journalists, lawyers, civil society representatives, and all sorts of human rights defenders in Turkey face repression, obstacles, and challenges in pursuit of their fight for human rights. These obstacles emerge through methods such as judicial and administrative harassment, dismissals, threats, targeting and reprisals and bans on peaceful assemblies and demonstrations.

The human rights climate in Turkey has reached a level where peaceful assemblies and demonstrations have practically become impossible to organise, and the right to collectively defend human rights has also been out of the question.

We will briefly explain the main methods and trends employed by the authorities to prevent human rights assemblies and protests, and their dire effects on human rights defenders in Turkey.

Here are the trends we explore in detail in the brief:

  1. Banning, “Unauthorizing” or Intervening in Human Rights Assemblies and Demonstration
  2. Extra-Custodial Use of Force by Security Forces
  3. Targeting of Selected Protest Groups and Discrimination

For more details please see the full brief here in English and in Turkish.

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