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Despite the absolute prohibition of torture in Article 28 of its Constitution, Cabo Verde still has to improve its respect of the Convention against Torture. There are consistent reports of police brutality against detained persons and allegations of racial profiling during security operations and investigations, as well as alarming allegations of police brutality against juveniles as a form of extrajudicial punishment. Cabo Verde faces overcrowding in prisons, as the inmate population doubled over the past 20 years at the expense of alternative measures to imprisonment. There are cases of ill-treatment against detainees and gender-based violence. Another challenge Cabo Verde has to deal with is the large number of children exploited in prostitution and engaged in begging, drug dealing or street vending, which makes them vulnerable to human trafficking. The OMCT and its local partners will continue to report information and situations at the Committee Against Torture and fight for the effectiveness of the rights recognized in the Convention.

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