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At a glance

Indonesia’s human rights situation has gradually deteriorated since the arrival of President Joko Widodo’s government in 2014. There are rampant reports of arbitrary arrest and detention, political prisoners, improper investigations, restrictions on the freedom of expression, censorship, violence against women and the LGBTIQ+ individuals and criminalisation of same-sex sexual conduct.

In 2019, a draft criminal code that severely restricted civil and political rights, particularly for women and minorities, was temporarily withdrawn after a wave of mass protests. Although this was an achievement for human rights in Indonesia, the draft code is an example of attitudes in a country where minority religious expression, freedom of sexual conduct and the reproductive rights of women are endangered.

Another cause of concern is the country-wide crackdown on human rights defenders and journalists, particularly in Papua, Jakarta, the Molucca Islands and East Kalimantan. News media organisations that have criticised the government and military have reported censorship and digital attacks. The government has also been lambasted for its weak response to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in protecting the rights of health staff and migrant workers

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