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CAT status Status under the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment State Party since 21 June, 1993. State Party to the Optional Protocol to the Convention (OPCAT) since 24 November, 2014
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Morocco/Western Sahara

At a glance

There are many shortcomings regarding the protection of human dignity and the implementation of the Convention against Torture. Continuous reports speak of journalists, human rights defenders and artists harassed for peacefully expressing their views, and often sentenced to prison terms. Many reports show that security forces use excessive force to disperse demonstrations. The authorities also fail to adequately investigate allegations of torture and other ill-treatment, leading to unfair trials. Prolonged solitary confinement of prisoners, which amounts to torture and other ill-treatment, was recorded in several cases.

In 2011, Morocco adopted by referendum a new Constitution that guarantees more freedoms and human rights. It notably enshrines the freedoms of opinion and expression, of association, of peaceful assembly and demonstrations. The Kingdom is also bound by the legal obligations contained in the many international conventions it has ratified. However, because of the topics they defend, certain non-governmental human rights organisations operate in an increasingly unfavourable context, as administrative and police authorities respect less and less the rights enshrined in the Constitution. The OMCT frequently denounces the repression against human rights activists and advocates for their freedom.

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