Alert Bangladesh: Prominent defenders receive two-year prison sentences
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The ongoing conflict in Yemen completely undermines human rights and the possibility for the country to fully implement the Convention against torture. The Houthi forces, which control large parts of the territory, have indiscriminately bombed residential areas in Yemen and indiscriminately fired missiles into Saudi Arabia. The coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which supports the internationally recognised Yemeni Government, continues to bomb civilian infrastructure and carry out indiscriminate attacks, killing and injuring hundreds of civilians. These crimes, committed in violation of international humanitarian law, are characterised by complete impunity. The conflict also has dramatic consequences on children and women, who are both subjected to sexual violence and hostage-taking. Another alarming issue is that the death penalty remains in force for many crimes. Courts have handed down dozens of death sentences that lead to executions. Charges are brought with the aim of persecuting political opponents, journalists, academics and members of religious minorities.

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