Alerte: Algérie : Dissolution de la Ligue algérienne de défense des droits de l'Homme
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Convention contre la torture et autres peines ou traitements cruels, inhumains ou dégradants: ratification ou adhésion État partie depuis le 3 novembre, 1986
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Uganda has ratified the UN CAT in 1987 and adopted a a Torture Prohibition and Prevention Act 2012. Despite that, The government has alwas used torture to target and crack down olitical dissidents subjecting them to intimidation, harassment and arbitrary arrest and detention. One of the most important issues in Uganda is the Killings, violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTIQ. Sexual minorities have been in danger during the last decade, threatened several times with“homosexuality bill” which would impose the death penalty in some cases of same-sex sexual activity. HRD and lawyers defending them are also at risk. OMCT works with the African Centre for Treatment Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) an Ugandan organisation that works in the rehabiliation of torture victims. The ACTV is also member of the Migration and Torture working group.

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