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​In answer to the unprecedented brutal crackdown on peaceful protests that followed the August 9, 2020 presidential election, the OMCT started documenting widespread and endemic cases of torture. The collection of evidence is carried out in Minsk and throughout the country, together with Belarus partners. It includes testimonies of torture provided by the victims, photos and videos of their wounds, and other testimonies of the viciously violent repression, arbitrary arrests, and other serious violations of human rights in the aftermath of the election. The OMCT assists its partners on the ground, monitors the situation closely and updates this page with verified information.

Please see below the latest OMCT activities as well as the important contributions from our partners in Belarus and beyond:

An expert says the "interview" of Raman Pratasevich reveals signs of torture Three questions to a human rights expert 8 June 2021

The case of Raman Pratasevich illustrates the deepening human rights crisis Briefing 31 May 2021

Marfa Rabkova, imprisoned for documenting human rights violations Story 28 May 2021

No investigations into torture allegations Follow-up report to the UN Committee against Torture

Judicial harassment against six human rights defenders

Judicial harassment against Viasna

New acts of harassment against Viasna

Belarus: an agenda to end torture Submission to the UN Committee against Torture

Belarus: Escalating crackdown on human rights defenders

Belarus : our undercover investigation into mass police violence Blog 16 February 2021

Anna Soroka : "It got very cold and scary" Individual story 27.02.2021

Nikita Shpakovsky : a walk in the park leads to two weeks in hospital Individual story 28.01.2021

Vitaly Prokopiev : struggling for air in an overcrowded cell Individual story 29.01.2021

Joint Report 26 January 2021 : Belarus: corridor of truncheons How popular demonstrations are met with massive police violence and denial of justice

100 days of ongoing human rights crisis – Facts & Figures

Joint Statement 12 November - Belarus: Ice Hockey World Championship 2021 should not take place in Belarus

Statement 21 September - Belarus: Stop reprisals against human rights activists

Statement 18 September - Belarus: ​UN Human Rights Council must act to prevent torture

Statement 18 September - Belarus: ​Arbitrary arrest of Ms. Maria Rabkova, Viasna Coordinator of Volunteer Services

Statement 26 August - Belarus: ​Civil society organisations call on the United Nations Human Rights Council to convene a Special Session to address human rights violations committed in the leadup, during and after the August 2020 Presidential elections in Belarus.

Joint letter 24 August - Belarus: Civil society letter to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

Statement 14 August - Belarus:  Widespread torture  of protesters suggests crimes against humanity

Statement 13 August - Belarus: Statement by human rights organisations and public organisations of Ukraine regarding the detention of Ukrainian citizens in Minsk

Statement 11 August - Belarus: Halt violence against peaceful protesters and restore internet access

Survivor Stories from our partners on the ground:

Сведчаць пацярпелыя: "У аўтазаку на мяне сеў АМАПавец і крыкнуў: "Глядзіце, якое ў мяне добрае крэселка!" - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

"Вясна" працягвае збор і дакументаванне фактаў катаванняў у Беларусі - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

"We were trampled in the police bus.” - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

Пагроза згвалтавання і "калектыўная адказнасць". Сведчаць пацярпелыя - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

“Ты за Ціханоўскую?" — і білі ў плечы, у ногі. Сведчаць пацярпелыя - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

"Сведчаць пацярпелыя: "Пры затрыманні супрацоўнікі ДАІ зламалі мне руку” - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

“So you are for Tsikhanouskaya?” - From Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasn

Other news

Press Release from United Nations Special Procedures - UN human rights experts: Belarus must stop torturing protesters and prevent enforced disappearances

Human Rights Situation in August - from Belarusian Human Rights NGO, Viasna

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